Increase your well-being and efficiency
by Personal Training

Endurance, concentration and freshness

are no innatenesses. They mirror the fitness of the body and can be developed with individual instructions of a Personal Trainer. Especially self-employed or managers appreciate it that with the training they obtain both the ability to work under pressure and the competence in solving their complex and demanding tasks.

Little effort – maximal success

Well-being and efficiency are closely related. First of all I analyze the status quo of your physical fitnes, then I set up an individual training program that leads – under my thorough observation and instructions – to more mobility, general fitness and to stabilized important bodily functions.


Lightness and positive charisma

The interaction of the muscles can be positively developed independent of the level of physical fitness. It leads to lightness in the movement and to a reduction of the subjective stress perception under strain.
Experience a foretaste – already in the introductory session – of the pleasurable body feeling that will lead to a winning personality with positive charisma.


Time and place flexible

You decide on time on place of training according to your schedule, eg in your office. I provide the sports equipment.