The support of young sports talents is on our heart

ProNet Sports GmbH supports and promotes young athletes with the aim that they develop their sports potential optimally.

Our motto: Promoting, Guiding, Winning!

An example is the Trackteam.

The key to success is promotion of talents giving them optimal guidance

Successful athletes belong to the popular figures in our society. However, they only become role models if the development of their character keeps up with their athletic development. Therefore, our company vision has deeper roots than the classic sponsoring of successful athletes.


The sponsors stand with their name for values and quality. That is in line with the identification with young athletes whose potential is cared for and promoted. We want to create an ideal climate of development to lead sports talents and characters with a positive charisma to maturity.


Top sporting achievements are not reached spontaneously, they are the result of a process that takes many years and may include many ups and downs. Setbacks caused by eg injuries must be coped with as well as times of stagnation or decelerated progress. Only where talent, mental strength and optimal guidance by suitable consultants come together, outstanding results can be achieved.